Höegh LNG Partners (HMLP:US) is a limited partnership formed by Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd., a leading floating LNG service provider, to own, operate and acquire floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs), LNG carriers and other LNG infrastructure assets under long-term charters, which we define as charters of five or more years.

Höegh LNG Partners' fleet consists of modern FSRUs that operate under long-term charters with major energy companies or utilities.

One of our principal strengths is our relationship with Höegh LNG. With a 40-year track record dating back to the delivery of the world’s first Moss-type LNG carrier in 1973, we believe that Höegh LNG is one of the most experienced operators of LNG carriers and one of only a few operators of FSRUs in the world. Our affiliation with Höegh LNG gives us access to Höegh LNG’s long-standing relationships with leading oil and gas companies, utility companies, shipbuilders, financing sources and suppliers, which we believe will allow us to compete more effectively when seeking additional long-term charters for FSRUs.

Fsru Fleet